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Drunk walking robot!!

I concentrated on robotics in my undergrad with my CS/EE double degree so when my bro shared this video with me, I knew I had to blog it:

Ok, fine. Not THAT drunk. That mean machine can navigate ice probably better than any human could. Amazing.

Youtube Killer? Hulu.

I forgot where I read about this, but just launched today. (I bookmarked them yesterday since they had a “come back later” shunt page up)

Take a look at their blog post:

Ah… the awesomeness of working at a startup. Congrats to the team and thanks for bringing good quality content online. I don’t know how long I’ve waited for TV/movie content to be accessible online like this.

I’ll definitely be spending some quality time here, but Youtube killer? Probably not. I’ll still be going to Youtube for all the random weird stuff they have there. =)