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Gates’s tech predictions

This article caught my eye today when I was running through my startup ideas. I reposted Gates’ actual predictions here:

1) Television will be married with the Internet, allowing for personalized news and commercials. People will watch more of their home movies on their TV screens, and TV sets and computers will be increasingly connected. Television will be an “utterly different thing,” he said.

2) Telephone sets will increasingly be able to handle video, e-mail, and other digital media. Speech recognition will allow telephone users to ask for information such as nearby restaurants.

3) More and more software will be delivered as a service over the Internet, instead of residing on individual computers.

4) Computer users will have more options for inputting information beyond the mouse and keyboard. Speech and handwriting recognition software will gain in popularity. Computers will move off the desktop, with speech recognition and motion-sensing cameras allowing users to control screens embedded into desktops or whiteboards.

5) More schools will ditch textbooks for tablet PCs that hold dozens of books. New types of textbooks will increasingly contain video and other media.

6) Companies and government agencies will embrace three-dimensional computing, giving users new ways of interacting with virtual worlds. Students will increasingly use software to simulate experiments.

I was actually kind of disappointed. #1, #3 are just obvious. #2, #4 I don’t really care about and #6 is just weird… but who knows, maybe someday I’ll be 3D shopping on Amazon…