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Best Iphone Apps: part 2

A while ago, I wrote about the Best Iphone Apps, which really… weren’t very practical even though I’d love to use that stock app. (Check it out if you haven’t)

This week, I actually got to know my iphone a little bit better and started customizing apps onto the home screen. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Facebook – Duh. Everyone needs this.
  • Dictionary – For all those times at the bar when someone says some funny word that you don’t understand. (*cough* Steve *cough*)
  • Meebo Buddy List – This is just meebo for the iphone. Didn’t make it into Apple’s web apps gallery for some reason, but super useful.
  • Pricecheckah – Comparison shopping while AT THE STORE! I’ve always wanted something like this. I remember trying to write one myself.
  • Deals – There’s two things I check on my iphone in the morning when I’m too lazy to get up from the bed to move to the computer. Deals and Stocks.
  • iGas – This one BLOWS MY MIND. Check for the cheapest gas prices near you. A must have. I’m very religious about getting to the cheapest gas station possible.
  • Zillow – Really not that impressive, but since I was the one that PM’d the Zillow API and ZMobile that made this possible, I thought I should mention it.  It basically gets the basic home facts and then links you to Zillow.
  • Guitar – Wanna know how I own Guitar Hero? This is my secret. Must have for any budding Guitar expert.

I’m sure there are lots more great apps. I’m probably just scratching the surface, but hey, I gotta spend some time getting to know my macbook too. Or else he’ll get jealous.


Startup: One month recap

It’s been one entire month since I took my first step so I thought it’d be a good time to recap my accomplishments: afterall, I did start this blog to document my crazy startup journey. I’ve worked more hours, learned more, and gotten more done then I’ve ever done in my LIFE. Productive time has shot through the roof. A typical day:

  • 7 hours sleep
  • 13 hours work
  • 1 hour blogging
  • 1 hour workout
  • 1.5 hour lunch + dinner
  • 0.5 hour logging into Warcraft and realizing it’s really not that fun anymore

What’s funny is that weekends are the same as every other day now – still 13 hours of work – which means a typical week is easily 60+ hours. I no longer work for the weekends. I work for fun. (And when work is fun, it’s not really work). :)

Alright, enough analysis. Here’s my list. Accomplishments in the past month:

  • Started a blog
  • Met more people then I’ve met in an entire year
  • Had catchup lunches with old old friends
  • Wrote my first 20 page business plan (much harder than I thought)
  • Learned a bunch of stuff about VCs, funding, taxes, incorporation, HR, etc – more stuff then I’d learn in my many years of college
  • Bought an iPhone AND a macbook.  $$ down the drain, but well worth it
  • FINALLY wrote some code – after going through code withdrawal since college
  • Declined more interviews/offers than I can count
  • Run 3 miles/day consistently (After starting out huffing and puffing after 3/4 of a mile) :)

So there you have it. One month in to a long, hard, but hopefully rewarding adventure.

“To spend one year as a tiger is better than to live forever as sheep”


Today marks another milestone in my life. I got a MacBook. I can’t believe I spent SOO much money on this, but it is SOO cool. Apple just has that thing about it that makes you feel like you’re extra special. Wow, a Macbook AND an Iphone in less than a month.


The design is AMAZING. Spaces? Dashboard? Time machine? Expose? Why doesn’t Windows have any of these? And how can you beat a magnetized power cord? Even the packaging is AWESOME. Now if only I can figure out where my went… I think i deleted it cause it’s not showing up on Spotlight.

You guys better start buying Apple stock, cause they just got another convert.