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Iphone + Careerbuilder: Jobs on the Go

With the new Iphone 3G hype, Careerbuilder has decided to launch their own Iphone app to help you find your job on the go.

My opinion:  Nice try.

I’ll give credit to Careerbuilder for at least trying to be innovative, but seriously, how many people would want to search for a new job on the go?  They must be super super desperate.  You won’t be able to apply, or upload a resume, or anything.  And they try to make it sound even more innovative by saying they “use iphone’s built-in geolocation technology” aka GPS. I mean seriously.  How does walking around in a city make my job search any more relevant?

Please.  If everyone else is building a mobile app, it doesn’t mean you have to too.  Espiecially if it’s as useless as this one.  I feel bad for all the engineers who worked long hard hours to get this one out the door.