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IPhone Killer: Instinct

Instinct. That’s the Samsung and Sprint partnership to create an IPhone competitor. Read about it here on Engadget. Better yet, just watch this video:

What’s funny is that since IPhone has come out, there has been sooo many people trying to copy. (This post reminds me of my “Youtube Killer? Hulu” post.)

Look at this: (Not an Iphone, but could’ve tricked me)

They’ve always said that being copied is the highest form of flattery, but it still sucks. Oh well. Tip to all those trying to copy the IPhone out there. You better have some really really cool features or else no one will want to switch. IPhone is SEXY, you are not. Iphone = the most well designed gadget ever.

So… Iphone Killer? I think not.

(Thanks to my girlfriend for bringing this story to me. Funny coincidence that today, she’s actually looking for a new phone since her previous slick Japanese one had an accident)

Youtube Killer? Hulu.

I forgot where I read about this, but just launched today. (I bookmarked them yesterday since they had a “come back later” shunt page up)

Take a look at their blog post:

Ah… the awesomeness of working at a startup. Congrats to the team and thanks for bringing good quality content online. I don’t know how long I’ve waited for TV/movie content to be accessible online like this.

I’ll definitely be spending some quality time here, but Youtube killer? Probably not. I’ll still be going to Youtube for all the random weird stuff they have there. =)