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Project Virgle – Belated

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to blog about Project Virgle and April fools.  For those that haven’t seen it, go here for the Project overview and here for the blog post.  It’s another one of Google’s creative random creations kind of like their logos.  Never ceases to amaze me all the things that Google comes up with – if there’s one thing to learn from Google, it’s that the small things count.


Btw, just to let the Google guys know – I’d probably be the best candidate for Mars.  I’m a world class expert on Guitar Hero (question #2) AND I like algae (question #3).  Too bad I missed the deadline.

(You can check out the Virgle applications on Youtube too.  Nothing I was super impressed with)

It is lonely being an Entreprenuer…

So I like to take some time everyday reading about how others have gone through it. Today, I was lucky enough to run into this great post from CuriousOffice comparing Entrepreneurs vs. arm chair quarterbacks. Here’ s a highlight: (But I encourage you to read the whole blog post, it’s concise and to the point)

But the arm chair quarterbacks will be the ones who get under your skin. They are drawing paychecks from a company somebody else started. They have never raised money against their own ideas. The have never put themselves out for others to put under the microscope. They will never be need to be judged against their true abilities because their faults are hidden within the infrastructure of something much larger than they are. So, entrepreneurs I hope you pat yourselves on the back today. You live and die on how you do. That earns you the right to say whatever the hell you want about things because now you don’t have to appear politically correct in meetings so you’ll get that holiday bonus or that promotion. You are not perfect and the armchair quarterbacks will be sure and remind you of that fact. But you have courage in spades because what you do is too scary for most people to try.

It’s been a hectic, but very fun three weeks of startup work, but oh Zillow, how I miss the ping pong, guitar hero, and super smart and great friends I have made there.

I just wish someday I’ll have earned that right to say “whatever the hell I want about things” too. But until then, gonna have to get back to work and find me some funding for my little startup.. .