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Seattle record snow ’08

I’m sitting in my room looking out the window right now and all I can see is flurry of snow.  For those unfamiliar with Seattle weather, lemme tell you that this is extremely rare.  In the past 16 or so years I’ve lived here, we’ve only had one single day where we got 4 inches of snow.  This time, we’re nearing 8-10 inches and it’s been snowing every other day for at least a week.

You know you’re getting old when snow becomes more of a nuisance than it used to be.  Even though part of me is giddy with excitement and is dreading the feeling of dissapointment when it’ll all melt away, the other part of me is trying to calculate the lost in economic productivity from all the companies around here – including ourselves.

So, in an effort to stay productive, we did the only thing reasonable in weather conditions like this.  Build snow-eggsprout!  Here it is:

img_0518Our baby

img_0517Closer view

img_0511My bro Ian and I behind giant snow-eggsprout

And that’s only from the first day of snow… there’s plenty more now.  Alright, hope all you Seattle-lites out there stay warm.  Merry Christmas and Happy new year.  =)

EggSprout switches to Twitter

Blogging was getting a bit too time consuming – especially when we’re heads down coding, so we decided to switch to twitter.  Now you can see real-time updates on what we’re up to.

It’s actually pretty cool.  I haven’t seen any sites do this before, so we’re gonna try it out.

Now its really easy to see when we’re productive and when we’re not… which is a lot of the time.  :) Launches

I’ve been excitedly anticipating the launch of Glassdoor, partly because it’s led by my old mega boss Rich and partly because I knew it was going to be very close to what EggSprout is trying to do.

It is. And they’re definitely doing some really cool stuff. In their own words,

“Glassdoor gives you an inside look at companies from those that know them best – employees. You can see company ratings, reviews, and salaries – all for free.

We built Glassdoor for a very simple reason – because we believe that work matters.

At our core, everyone craves meaningful work. We want to know that all of our blood, sweat, and tears matter. We want to know that all of those hours away from our family aren’t for nothing. We want – we need – to believe that we are serving a higher purpose, and that the world is better off because of our work.

Amen. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Techcrunch has great coverage about what they’re about if you want to know more.

Which still begs the question – Does this kill EggSprout? Actually, no. In fact, we think we’re pretty complimentary to each other. To explain why, I’d have to reveal a whole ton of secrets about our stealth startup.  I’m not quite ready to do that yet.  Soon… soon…

If you’re really dying to know, gimme a comment below, we’re going to be inviting some VIPs in to preview our beta soon.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. No, I’m not dead. I’m actually trying to move the blog over to the new website that I’ve been trying to setup ( and it’s taking me much longer than I expected. Partly because I suck at coding and partly because I can’t seem to find much time now that EggSprout is going full-throttle.

Fear not, it shall be up soon and I’ll keep you guys updated on the status. But for now, I’ll keep blogging here.

Until then…

Startup: two months recap

One month after I took my first step to start my new adventure, I wrote a quick recap about what I’ve been up to. In keep with that tradition, I figured it’d be cool writing up a recap for month #2.

When I left Zillow, I wrote down some simple goals for myself:

  1. Become a well-known blogger
  2. Have a successful startup in a year
  3. Get in shape and Lose 40 pounds

And here’s what I’ve done to work at those:

  • Goal #1: Blog
    • Started this blog. Recently bought – there’s nothing on there yet, I’m trying to figure it out. Stay tuned. :)
    • Setup my girlfriend with her blog:
    • Setup and starting to blog on EggSprout:
  • Goal #2: Startup
  • Goal #3: Get in shape
    • I’ve kept up the 3 mile run/day. It’s starting to get easier now.
    • Been eating less and healthier – it’s way harder than it sounds.
    • Lost 20 pounds already. That’s 50% to the goal!

Everyone asks me how much I work. You can see my day’s hourly breakdown in the one month recap, and it hasn’t changed since then. Still about 12-13 hours of work a day, 7 days a week. But seriously, when you’re working for yourself, it isn’t work at all. I’m learning SOO much, having so much fun, and lovin’ it.

“To spend one year as a tiger is better than to live forever as sheep”

Eggsprout: My Startup

Update: Eggsprout is now live!  Check out

Read the press release here.  And our Techflash article here.

There’s not much there right now, but hey, it was exciting when it went live. :) Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes to try to get the beta launched asap, but in the meantime, check out the eggsprout blog. I’ll be splitting my blogging efforts on both of these blogs from now on.

And here are some random egg images for your Enjoyment: