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IPhone beats me. All the time.

I’ve been stacking my IPhone recently with tons of cool games, but the one that I play over and over and over again? Chess. Cause I can never win.

Have you ever been in a conversation or meeting and it seems like whoever you’re talking to is always 3 steps ahead of you? It’s like they can read your mind. That’s what it feels like playing chess on the Iphone. Why can’t I win?! Argh.

Fortunately, there’s an undo move button. =) I’ve managed to win a couple of times… by cheating.


Best IPhone Apps

I’ve tried to stay away from Apple for the longest time cause I’ve never been able to figure out their single button mouse, but yesterday, that was no more. I GOT AN IPHONE! (and I named him TIGER)

Iphone is by far the best design I’ve seen in a long time – both the hardware and software just shout out the “Awesome”. I can go on and on about how cool the Iphone is, but to save you the effort of reading my rambling, just take a look at some of the BEST apps the iphone has to offer:

No entrepreneur can be an entrepreneur without an Iphone. Seriously – how are you gonnna keep track of your “stocks”? Regular phones can’t magically shake out money. But the Iphone can.