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Comcast. Not Comcastic. Score: -32

I’m not one to complain about things, but this is such a good startup lesson, I have to blog about it.  It’s about Comcast.  I’ve been a loyal customer for years – the occasionally call into customer support which is the usual horrid experience like any other company, but today’s experience just tops every other customer service experience I’ve ever had.

Let me chronicle my experience and keep a tally of Comcast’s “Comcastic Score”

  • 12:47PM: One of my tenants at my rental house email me about internet being down for the past day.  Me thinks: I’ll call comcast in a bit.  (+0)
  • 1:00PM:  I go to Comcast’s website to look for a phone number.  Lo and behold, I see a “Live chat option.”  Cool, I can chat online and work at the same time.  Score.  (+1)
  • 1:15PM:  I’m waiting for a rep.  (-1)
  • 1:30PM:  I’m still waiting for a rep.  (-2)
  • 2:15PM:  It’s been an hour and I’m still waiting for a rep.  Fail.  I give up.  (-5)
  • 2:30PM:  @comcastcares sees my random complaints on twitter and asks “Can I help”  (+2)
  • 3:00PM:  Still no reply from @comcastcares.  I figured I’d just call.  (-1)
  • 3:10PM:  Called in, went through usual customer service, reset router, reset stuff on their side, etc.  Call my tenants to see if internet works.  No.  I ask tenants to give them a call.  (-1)
  • 4:00PM:  Tenants call me back.  Apparently Comcast shut down our service yesterday because we were “using too much internet.”  We’re on 12 months probation.  ARE YOU SERIOUS??  Tenants likened it to getting kicked out of a buffet cause you’re eating too much.  (-10)
  • 4:00PM:  And we got zero notice, they just shut our internet down.  (-5)
  • 4:00PM:  And the guy they talked to was apparently a “rude inconsiderate jackass.”  Tenants didn’t think it’d make any sense to talk to him anymore cause they’d get nowhere.  (-10)

Let’s tally Comcastic score.  0+1-1-2-5+2-1-1-5-10-10 = -32.  FAIL.

Can someone please fix customer service for the good of the world?  kthxbye.

Photo courtesy:  Crunchgear

Oympics Reanacted

I’ve been watching the Olympics every single night for the past few weeks and with all the Olympic hype, what’s better than to see it reanacted:

Super creative, but nothing like the heroes we’ve seen on TV this past week.  I wanna be an Olympic gold medaliest some day…

Fun hand paintings

I have no clue how I ended up on this website, but this was so cool, I had to share:


ZealousTiger on Twitter

It’s been a while since I’ve shown this blog much love.  Lots of excuses, but its mostly because startup stuff is super hectic.  Days are long, I never stop thinking about how to make the startup even better, and the last few weeks have probably been the most exhilariting ever! More details to come.

That said, I should really get back to filling up this blog with useful content.  I’ve found myself adopting twitter more and more.  Micro-blogging for the win!

Cool story from couple days ago.  You know me, I look all over for startup content and a lot of times, I run into Guy Kawasaki’s articles.  I don’t know him personally, but I’ve gotten so much out of his great writing that I decided just to say ‘thanks’ to him on twitter.  Couple minutes later, he replies.  Wow, twitter at work.  Very cool.  Now I’m hooked.

So, in case you ever see a drought on this blog again, you know i’ll be on twitter tweeting away.  Much less effort, for when I feel a bit busy.  :)

Add me: zealoustiger

3G Iphone

For those not currently following the latest development of 3G iphone, what are you doing?! Hurry, live updates at

Close to WiFi speeds, much cheaper, GPS integration, July 11th.

If only they had a ‘old’ Iphone trade-in program. Why didn’t I wait to get mine?!

UPDATE: Read the latest on Techcrunch – they summarize it really well.


I’m a big games programming fan and was super interested in the physics engine when I helped develop a first person shooter for my senior capstone, so I wanted to share this completely random video.  Pretty awesome:

WordPress hosting

Ok, for those experienced bloggers out there… I’m thinking about hosting tigerblog by myself instead of depending on WordPress. There’s a ton of religious wars out there about what is best, but I think like the article said, hosting it by yourself means more customization and more learning.
So… this blog will probably be moving… soon. (Jonny Mo really wants pictures in comments and I want to give it to him)

Anyone have tips on choosing hosting companies that work well for blogs?

Program Managers and Powerpoint

Today, I spent the ENTIRE day on powerpoint. PM’s get made fun of all the time for their seemingly lack of any skills at all. Everytime I talk to one of my developer buddies, I always get the same old question. “So what DO you do anyways?” And then they go on and on about how PMs just get coffee, schedule meetings, hang out, and such nonsense.

Why does no one care about my amazing powerpoint skillz?! This is what we do all day: (All done in powerpoint. Amazing huh?)

Note: I did not do this. I actually spent the entire day on powerpoint drawing mockups and writing the startup’s functional spec. Not terribly exciting, so I thought a video would be cooler.