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Seattle record snow ’08

I’m sitting in my room looking out the window right now and all I can see is flurry of snow.  For those unfamiliar with Seattle weather, lemme tell you that this is extremely rare.  In the past 16 or so years I’ve lived here, we’ve only had one single day where we got 4 inches of snow.  This time, we’re nearing 8-10 inches and it’s been snowing every other day for at least a week.

You know you’re getting old when snow becomes more of a nuisance than it used to be.  Even though part of me is giddy with excitement and is dreading the feeling of dissapointment when it’ll all melt away, the other part of me is trying to calculate the lost in economic productivity from all the companies around here – including ourselves.

So, in an effort to stay productive, we did the only thing reasonable in weather conditions like this.  Build snow-eggsprout!  Here it is:

img_0518Our baby

img_0517Closer view

img_0511My bro Ian and I behind giant snow-eggsprout

And that’s only from the first day of snow… there’s plenty more now.  Alright, hope all you Seattle-lites out there stay warm.  Merry Christmas and Happy new year.  =)

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