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Big BillG at UW

I just finished watching BillG talk to the UW gang in a Live webcast (you can watch the archive here) and have drawn a few conclusions:

  • UW students are idiots. At least in terms of asking questions – they were SOO lame. Seriously.
  • UWTV has awesome technology. It took me only a couple clicks to get to the webcast live. Visuals were great, audio was perfect.
  • BillG is a great man – Legendary entrepreneur, visionary, and of course philanthropy extraordinaire.
  • But BillG’s creative force is slowing – he is no longer the 100 pound gorilla that he used to be. His ideas are still great. Just not GREAT.
  • There is room in this world for little naive entrepreneurs like us – so many problems yet to be solved

Microsoft is the last of it’s kind where the original founder is running the company and it is very sad to see the Legend himself go, but Big Bill has done more for the world in a couple months than most people can claim to have done in their life-time. I respect the man greatly.

That said, I’ve been to way too many BillG talks already and even though I look up to the man like no other, this particular talk at UW? Useless. Especially the Q&A portion. Spend your precious time elsewhere.

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