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nPost: Startup Community

Been really busy the past two days, but didn’t want to leave my dedicated readers without a blog post. :) Yesterday was CRAZY busy. A house inspection, several calls with some startup guys, the awesome npost event, and then more startup work until late into the night.

Tired? Yes. Excited? Definitely.

There’s nothing more exciting then to realize that there are so many other people trying to chase their dreams as well and the npost event last night brought that all to the forefront. I signed up without thinking much about it, but I connected and re-connected with more people there then I would’ve in an entire month. I was amazed at how many people I actually knew from random places before and enjoyed myself way more then I expected. Among the great people I chatted with:

  • COO of Home Savvi – I’ve been wanting to chat with this guy for a while. Super smart
  • Some Zillow buddies who left to start FridgeDoor Inc – no site to link to, but excited to see what they’re up to
  • Another Zillow buddy and his great gang from Giraffe Labs – great idea btw
  • Old acquiantance of mine from college from TalentSpring
  • Several analytics people from Zaaz
  • A crazy smart PR guy who did some things for TeachStreet– I was hoping to see more of my Zillow buddies there at the event from TeachStreet, but they must’ve been crazy tired after a whirlwind of success with their recent launch.
  • A ton of other random startups that will make this list too long…
  • And of course, Mr. Nate Kaiser himself and his incredible wife

Big thanks to Nate for putting the event together. Great event, great host, and great community. Excited to be working amongst such pleasant and smart people.

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