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Downtown parking: $$$$ Business

(This post is dedicated to my #1 blog fan – or at least the most vocal/annoying one who keeps bothering me on IM if I don’t post for just ONE day.) :)

Today I went to downtown to have lunch with a Managing Partner/CEO/super-experienced entrepreneur who’s been through it all before and walked away with a head full of lessons. I’ll blog about these in future posts, but today, I want to talk (read: complain) about the lesson I learned BEFORE I even walked into the restaurant.

Don’t park in downtown. You’ll lose your life savings. I mean seriously, $14 for an hour of parking?!? Ridiculous. There are so many things I can do with $14: the parking companies must be making bank. I think it’s time I change my business plans – screw online startups, lets start a web 2.0 parking garage.

Oh, and for my #1 fan. We REALLY need to get our ‘other’ business idea going. For the other readers that have no clue what I’m talking about: How much would you pay for a condo building/skyscraper that can hover in place on top of Seattle, move around to all the major cities from time to time and tour the best vacation destinations around the world?

Flying/hovering technology + Real Estate = High priced parking business killer. Lets do it.

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