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Skillbit: Tragic startup ending

I’ve followed Skillbit pretty closely while they were still in development, so I’m sad to hear John Cook report that they’ve officially been dissolved.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Skillbit, it was an experiment to run and build a startup from initial conception and incubation, to actually building out the product and launching it as a live service in 54 hours. Craziness, yeah, but hey, that’s how super passionate and motivated startup junkies get their highs. :) Wish I could’ve been part of it. (This is their actual beta site which lets you see what they’ve accomplished in such short time and a good rundown from Kimm Viebrock on the weekend chaos)

Skillbit Logo

Tragic ending indeed – I hate it how some legal mumbo-jumbo can ruin a potentially great startup, but hey, I congratulate all the super bright people involved in it’s making. Must have been a great experience, and with so many smart people involved, I’m sure there will be more legendary stories to hear from this group.

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